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Qabool Al-Absi

Qabool Al-Absi Director of the Resolution Foundation for Media and Sustainable Development and a civil society activist. interested in women’s and refugee issues and building community peace. She holds a bachelor degree in French literature from the University of Sana’a, and has a higher diploma in Business Administration and Human Resources Development in Cairo in 2012. She worked in the Ministry of Health in the research and information department and she has some researcher about children and she prepared a study about children street. She also participated in the National survey for family health in Yemen and she has experience in the field of documenting and health information services. . Al-Absi worked with Mwatana Organization for Human Right as a project assistant and responsible for the Children Protection Network team and monitoring violations. She also worked in the Barhrini society for human rights. In addition to that, Qabool has an experience in Monitoring and Evaluation where she worked with Prodigy Systems as coordination officer for monitoring the food aid provided by UNWFP. She also the director and founding member in the Wojood Community Initiative for the Yemenis in Egypt, Member of the Civil Bloc of Taiz Youth, member of the Civil Peace Group .