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Nabil Al-Asidi

Nabil Al-Asidi, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Head of the Training and Rehabilitation Committee and member of the Administrative Council of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate since March 2009 until now. He held various positions, including a reporter at the Saudi Ministry of Information and Culture in Yemen 2008-2011, Head of the Saudi Okaz newspaper office in Yemen from 2005-2009, Saudi Okaz newspaper correspondent in Yemen from 2000-2005. The work of the expat page expert in Okaz newspaper ,and the training coordinator for the Prince Ahmed bin Salman Institute in Riyadh to train Yemeni journalists. Head of the investigations department in Al-Rai newspaper 2000-2005, Investigative and investigative press editor for Al-Shoura 2000 newspaper. A freelance investigative journalist in a number of Yemeni newspapers from 2000 to 2012 (Al-Wahdawi - Al-Jamaheer, Al-Masdar, Al-Nida, Al-Nas and other Yemeni newspapers and news websites 2005. Reporter of the Algerian newspaper Al-Mustaqbal 2004-2005 . He held many editorial and administrative positions in a number of private and independent newspapers in Yemen. He holds many certificates of appreciation and honors in the field of journalism. He wrote in several local and Arabic newspapers: weekly columnist in Hadith Al Madina, weekly columnist in Al Nas newspaper and Al Hayat newspaper today and in the culture newspaper 2009, writer of articles and journalistic columns in a number of Yemeni newspapers. Member of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, member of the Arab Journalists Union, member of the International Federation of Journalists, member of the Association of Economic Journalists (Rafid), member of the Sports Media Union. Media trainer in the art of press release, press release, media crisis management, and the arts of dealing with the media. Training supervisor for the training courses for future investment in Yemen 2009-2010. Project manager for training the skills of journalists in developing governorates in cooperation between the Journalists Syndicate and the American Embassy in Yemen during the year 2010 . Training programs designer, campaigns, advocacy, press and training projects . Winner of the 2018 Transparency and Anti-Corruption Award. Al-Asidi holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media, Sana'a University, 2000-2001.