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Muhammad Qasim Hassan al-Azani

PhD in Accounting for the year 2019, , University Professor, Lecturer in Accounting, Institutional governance , Financial Reports and Crisis Management. He works as a financial and administrative consultant and expert in knowledge economics and economic media , head of the Department of Business Administration at Newcastle College , Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company USC, Chairman of the Entrepreneurial Committee of the Arab and African Youth Council, and he is a certified trainer in smart financial management, strategic planning and effective leadership , the skills of leaders in the era of globalization,trainer in corporate and banking governance and companies ,and auditing and auditing . He obtained diplomatic studies at the Diplomatic Institute - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Khartoum. The Director General of the Ministry of Finance office worked in Al-Dhalea governorate for the year 2000 , and Director General of Financial Affairs, Islands Authority 2007, he worked as the director general of the Ministry of Finance office in Saada Governorate 2008, the director general of the Ministry of Finance office 2012, he worked as the director general of financial affairs in the Ministry of Culture 2013. Al-Azani is a lecturer in budgets in the governorates of Aden - Sana'a - Hajjah - Shabwa - Saada - Dali - Al-Bayda - Dhamar, Finance Director of the Ministry of Housing in Dhamar and Director of the branches of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning 1993. Member of the Supervisory Committee to implement the Breeding Strategy and implement the Teacher Law 1998 , Financial Director in Urban Development Fund World Bank 1997 , Member of the supervisory committee to implement the health strategy and the application of health profiling in 1999, member of the Committee for Preparing Regulations for the Medicines Fund Regulations and Community Contribution 1999 . One of the founders and coordinator of the Union of Civil Society Organizations for the year 2015 , One of the founders of our Yemen bloc 2015 .