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Mohammed-Abdo- Al-Absi

Mohammed Al-Absi is a Yemeni investigative writer and journalist , Founder of Qarar Foundation for Media and Sustainable Development , and the President of the Governmental Alliance for Suspicious Government Deals (LNG Deal), and the Director General of the Office of the Minister of Technical and Vocational Education in the National Accord Government for the year 2012. He worked as a consultant for Al-Ahali weekly newspaper, and he was a supervisor for the literary page in Al-Thawra newspaper , He also worked as a consultant in Al-Ahali Weekly newspaper and was a member of the editorial board of the Culture Magazine issued by the Ministry of Culture in Sana'a, the capital of Arab Culture 2004, and a member of the Editorial Board of the Economic Investment Journal 2006 . Al-Absi wrote in a number of independent newspapers (Al-Nida'a - Al-Shari'a - Hadith Al-Madinah and joined the newspaper Al-Ahali from 2007 as a writer and then a consultant. He wrote regularly in the literary newspaper Al-Ghawoon published in the United States and Beirut, and a number of independent local and Arab newspapers (the Arab ambassador and the Middle East). He participated in preparing a number of economic reports related to sustainable development. Al-Absi was known for his investigative investigations against corruption and wrote a series of newspaper investigations on the corruption of the liquefied gas deal in the Hadith Al-Madina newspaper that sparked widespread interest and attracted the attention of people and elites, to the corruption of the deal and the necessity of opposing it and working to cancel it, and has investigations of corruption in the oil and gas sectors in Yemen in cooperation with Future Partners and Transparency Alliance, also published important investigative investigations. A poetry collection for him was published in Cairo, entitled "(Bal)" by the Arwaq Publishing Foundation, and another in Amman by Dar Azmenah, entitled "Alone like a drop . Many like rains." Al-Absi was killed by poison on December 22, 2016 in the capital, Sanaa. AL-Absi Blog