Safety and security of journalists in Corona


Qarar Foundation for Media and Sustainable Development launched Saturday, May 16, 2020, its first activities, as an awareness seminar titled “Security and Safety of Journalists from the Corona Epidemic" online via Zoom application.

At the beginning of the symposium, the president of the foundation, Ms. Qboul Al-Absi has introduced "Qarar" which was founded by the late Journalist Mohamed Abdo Al-Absi. By welcoming at the same time, attendees and speakers participating in the symposium, Qaboul has also introduced the goals and activities of the foundation, noting that the current symposium comes as a launch of upcoming media and development activities that the establishment will be implementing in the future.

Speaking at the seminar, President of the Center for Economic Studies and Media, Mr. Mustapha Nasr whose in the light of the spread of the virus COVID-19 has spoken about the safety and security measurements of journalists and the challenges associated with it; the need to raise awareness among journalists to protect themselves and the importance of delivering real information to the public as a societal moral responsibility borne by journalists.

Mr. Nasr has highlighted the great challenge that journalists live by, in facing rumors and by investigating real information to be delivered without taking the risk to put themselves in danger, especially in light of the absence of the state and the real system in Yemen.

He also noted the importance of journalists' commitment to ethical professionalism in light of rumors and intruders on the world of journalism, which may delivers untrue news that would cause harm than it would benefit the society.

Mr. Nasr has emphasized on the importance of taking preventive measures and adhering to the standards of the World Health Organization as well as the importance of providing new mechanisms for journalists to ensure their safety and their communication with the competent authorities to accurately convey information. During his talk; Mr. Nasr has mentioned the physical and economic impact on journalists, especially in light of the spread of the virus and its impact on the media.

On his part, Chairman of the Training and Rehabilitation Committee of the Journalists Syndicate, Mr. Nabil Al-Osaidi has spoke over the violations that journalists are subjected to from all violating parties in Yemen, indicating that journalists are subjected to many and various violations. In addition to the payment of the monthly wages of journalists that has been stoped by both the legitimate government and Houthis; whom on the other hand have issued provisions to kill journalists. Accordingly, journalists are subject to let down by everyone.

During his speech; Mr. al Osaidi mentioned that the call for the payment salaries of the martyrs and their families will continue as well as the adoption of salaries for the families of kidnapped journalists. Noting that these calls have not find listening ears in response to them.

He continued: as a lack of attention from the international community that still views journalists' cases as a marginal issue, the last case was the death penalty which was imposed on a group of journalists. This this is in precedent, not one statement by the United Nations envoy to Yemen was even issued, Mr. Al-Osaidi says.

The Chairman of the Training and Rehabilitation Committee, has pointed out that there are 30 per cent of cases of violations against journalists occurring from unknown destinations, and this is an evidence that security is no longer fully exists and journalist remains the first subject of the violation.