Civilian calls to stop the war in Abyan


Yesterday in the Sana'a capital, corresponding to 11 January 2012, the Qarar Foundation for Media and Sustainable Development, in cooperation with the Ideas Research Foundation, concluded a symposium during which the "Stop the Abyan War" movement was announced with the broad participation of the people of Abyan and a number of civil society and human rights organizations.

Abyan and a number of civil society and human rights organizations. The head of the preparatory committee for "Stop the Abyan War" Abdullah Al-Nomani said that the continuation of the war is a catastrophe by all standards, and that the Yemenis need peace and reconciliation in this difficult period, and that the humanitarian situation in Abyan is tragic, calling on the reconciliation government to dialogue with Ansar al-Sharia as a better option than the military confrontation option Al-Numani, who is also the preacher of Jaar mosque , wished the local and foreign media and civil society organizations to go to the governorate to document the tragedy and suffering of civilians.

For his part, the movement's coordinator and spokesperson, colleague Mohamed Al-Abssi, said, "If the government of Al-Wefaq and the United States want to stop the bloodshed in Abyan and come up with a solution, which is not expensive, then it must deal with separating the result from the cause, and the ideological leadership of the organization from the followers. He added: "The government of Basandwa - if not the decision of war in its hand - must realize that the continuation of the military confrontation increases the strength of" Ansar al-Sharia "and gives them an injustice that will drive them in all of Yemen as cause owners. Other than that, their unlimited ability to take advantage of the mistakes of war, for every raid in which a civilian is killed Only one by mistake, as happened in the Jaar Mosque, in al-Majalah, and elsewhere, the group will gain 1,000 followers, fighters, supporters, and sympathizers .Added the president of Qarar "This war must be stopped, and the details are not important," asking : Do gunmen of Jaar really pose a threat to US security? According to John Mueller, American university professor, "Al Qaeda terrorism kills every year, all over the world, less than the number of American children drowning in swimming pools and swimming.

The movement intends to put pressure on both sides of the war to stop the war and end the suffering of civilians," said Maysoon Al-Iryani, executive director of the Qarar Foundation for Media and Development, noting that the movement will implement a number of activities in Aden in addition to protest stops in front of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the Republic. All victims, whether from "Ansar al-Sharia" or from the armed forces, are from Yemen. Our opposition position here is completely moral, as is our opposition to the Saada war before and any wars that tear the social fabric. At the symposium in which a number of Abyan sons testified about the suffering of the local population, colleague Abdul Rashid al-Faqih, head of the Dialogue Foundation and a representative of Human Rights Watch in Yemen, said to confront extremist ideology and armed groups, whatever by civilian elites, while urging the expansion of the movement calling for an end to the Abyan war and Abdel-Rashid, President of the Republic and the Minister of Defense, called for the need to open an investigation into the Duffs massacre, which claimed the lives of 200 soldiers, with the brigade leaders, the commander of the southern region at the time, and all the officials involved. Ayash Awas of the Saba Center for Strategic Studies presented a valuable military analysis comparing al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia, while Abdul-Rahman Al-Olafi, director of the Manarat Center for Studies and Jihad al-Jafri, head of the Southern Sons Alliance, called for a speedy cessation of the war and the concerted civil society institutions to form a pressing public opinion to stop the war. ,, Muhammad Muhammad Al-Qadi, the director of media and relations in the Ministry of Interior, regretted the continuation of the war and its consequences on the humanitarian level, but at the same time he demanded all the forces of society to help the state in establishing social peace and stand in the face of armed groups that permitted the killing of the jinn Wed nurtures violence, incitement and social disintegration . Journalist colleague Muhammad Ghazwan also gave valuable testimony about his observations, impressions and meetings that he conducted for more than a month from the battlefields and the inflamed areas, accusing the leaders of some military brigades of complicity and not supporting many military units on the battlefield, such as the battalion that captured Ansar al-Sharia 73 soldiers as artillery soldiers In need of protection in accordance with military norms. Ghazwan, during his review of his photographic archive, which was displayed in the hall, conveyed a different picture of the life situation in Abyan, denying what is being promoted about the way the Ansar al-Sharia dealt with the residents, praising the security that they imposed and the state was unable to do, which led the shop owners to go to the Asr prayer and their stores are open to their confidence that no one will Dare to steal for fear of the followers of Ansar al-Sharia.

The symposium included a visual presentation in the projector of human suffering and victims of the armed forces from the Central Security Forces and others, and concluded with a statement issued by the sons of Abyan residing in Sanaa.